The Australian travel ban on Indian students has been a hardship for most of us. But the Indian High Commission in Australia is attempting a structural move! 

It breaks our heart to see around one lakh students who have dreamt to move to Australia to study are now being forced to take classes online out of their own rooms here in India. All the rich student culture of Australia is now lost behind the glass screen. But looks like some movement is being detected in the Indian High Commission in Canberra to support Indian students. 

Might be good news to all those stranded students, the High Commission has rolled out a form to be filled. All the students who hold a valid student visa can lodge their details: their names, passport numbers, visa details in this form which is available on their website. Details regarding the university they have enrolled to, the course details are also to be registered. 

The question remains, WHY? What could this mean to students? 

In a report published by the SBS Punjab, the High Commission stated that this move its to create a comprehensive record of students that are unable to fly to Australia due to COVID-related restrictions. Hoping that the Australian government lifts the trave bans soon, this list of students and courses attended by them can be assisted through the immigration process. This means that the High Commission would be directly involved in bringing students to Australia. 

For the past few months, India has been topping the list of nations that are banned to fly overseas, all thanks to the deadly second wave! All temporary visa holders wiz international students are prohibited entry. In light of such events, creating an exhaustive database would enhance the operations. 

The political climate is favourable too! The Australian government has begun mulling over this issue and has been contemplating a phased lifting of travel restrictions on student visa holders. The Education Ministry has identified that not many students would throng Australia in 2021, thus the influx can be contained. 

These statements were made after considering visa holding students as a significant factor in the economic forecast. Federal Education Minister Alan Tudge commented that he would like to see more students reach Australia before the next intake. The way out is the “small phased programs” which will see a wider influx only in 2022. 

Kiss the 40 hours fortnight rule GOODBYE!

It is a Win Win situation for students studying in Australia and working  part time!

You must have come across almost all Australian immigration websites mentioning the golden work while study provision for student visa holders: 40 hours each fortnight. Yes, it does hold true, but for students who wish to pursue education in healthcare, geriatric care providing, agriculture, tourism and hospitality and NDIS provisions, we have good news! 

Out of the 300,000 students studying in Australia and working part time, the ones working in the following  industries can now work for more than 40 hours a fortnight. This was announced by The Minster for Immigration, Citizenship, Migration Services and Multicultural Affairs Alex Hawke  on the 12th of May. 

Where does this move find its source?

It is no secret that the global economy is facing its trial by fire, Australia is no exception. WIth borders being sealed off, there is virtually no inflow of tourism. The hospitality industry is the worst hit with crumbling unemployment rates. Around 60% of students working in this industry have already been sacked and a terrifying image in the student community. 

So an optimistic announcement like this could attract more students to work in this sector, boost the economy of the verticals. 

What does it mean to the students?

More work time, more money, more student debt covered. If not for utilizing the extra income for debt, students can also consider indulging in travelling within Australia as well! On any day, a side hustle is always essential for a student! 

This could also mean stronger career opportunities in the tourism and hospitality department. Since more working hours will mean more credibility, it’s a win win for everyone!  

Please note the following sectors has been added for 40 hours work

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