Introducing Global Talent Visa, Your Ticket to an Elite Talent Pool!

Every year, 15,000 priority visas are rolled out for highly talented individuals who have attained distinguished experience in their field of expertise. Commonly known as Global Talent Visa, this stream of visas enable Australian citizens or eligible New Zealand citizens to nominate some exceptional intellectuals to come and join the Australian circles of academia, business or governance. And this visa grants permanant residency!

Australia Visa Journey


Design a write up for your Expression of Interest (EOI) to be considered for the Global Talent Independent Program. This must outline your level of expertise and must establish why Australia needs you.


If your EOI satisfies the eligibility criteria, you will be given a Unique Identifier Number (UIN). This number will fast-track your visa processing.

Apply Visa

Once you recieve a UIN, you are now welcome to apply for visa

Who's the best? You're the best!

And you belong in Australia, among an elite group of experts!


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