Case Studies

Look how wonderful work we have done!

Keshav Thakur

For Keshav Thakur, his age stood to be a tall barrier. We helped him leap over it ofcourse! It is easier to help a youngster migrate to Australia but certainly complicated to accommodate someone who is 44 years and 6 months old. 

Especially when the most vital requirement for skilled migration is the age of the applicant. The applicant must be under 45 years of age at the time of application. Thus, for Keshav, time was running out. 

In his case, time management and speed took precedence. We analysed his file as quickly as possible. Skill assessment happened in a matter of days. At a breakneck speed, we forwarded his file to the authorities where his case got approved by South Australia’s state nomination. At the brink of him turning 45, we rushed to the visa authorities and applied. In the next few months, Mr Keshav Thakur got his Visa approved. Thankfully for him, he and his two family members flew to Australia and settled in right before the pandemic could hit. If the processing took even a few more days, the case would have to face strict travel restrictions and a global meltdown of immigration.

Raghunandhan Rayirath

Raghunandhan Rayirath believed that his fate was sealed. He held an expired visa to Australia and had three other family members who wished to travel to Australia with him. But we at KNpact opened the doors of possibilities. 13 years of not visiting Australia came to a successful end for the Rayirath family. 

The issue in the Rayirath case arises due to the expiry. The Visa he holds requires the following conditions:

  1. If the candidate holds a permanent visa,  they should have lived at least for 2 years in the past five years. In  that case, they would qualify to access a 5-year travel facility. 
  2. If the candidate does live outside Australia, they cannot be absent for 5 or more continuous years before the date of application. This clause can be reconsidered if you have a compelling reason for the same. 

And as it is visible, the family has lived outside Australia for more than a decade now! So how did we go about and build them a strong case?

Our step one was to build each family member their own case to return to Australia. Established each of them enough reasons to return to the country, most of which are beneficial to the country directly. We started with the spouse of Mrs Rayirath, showed job opportunities based on her skills in her case. For both of their children, we linked up their education and career prospects in Australia. Finally, for Mr. Rayirath, the main applicant, we ensured that his case reflected entrepreneurial stint and investment prospects in Australia.  

And within a month of application, all our requests got approved! The family is happy and comfortably settled in Australia!

Dhiwagar Thanikaiarasu

This is a fairytale ending every student who wishes to build a life in Australia truly deserves! 

Dhiwagar Thanikaiarasu is a fresh graduate who was waiting to set foot in the Australian soil to pursue his higher studies. His uncle in Sydney approached us with his nephew’s profile for an assessment. Me and my team went through the file, provided him options in regional universities that hosted 2 years post graduate courses. 

Now this happened three years ago, when Dhiwagar picked a course from our recommendations and completed his post graduate degree in Australia. He was then eligible for two years Post Study Work (PSW). He is through his first year and has another year left. 

We helped him take a step further. A new level of skill assessment was implemented to build a case for his permanent residence. We have forwarded his file and submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) for a permanent visa. 

Now, we are just counting days until his approval arrives!