Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the procedure of appointing you as my migration agent?

The typical procedure is as follows:

  1. You provide me with the necessary details regarding your visa application
  2. I will give you the free initial assessment
  3. If both of us agree, we will sign the contract
  4. You will be advised of the steps of visa application and what documents you need to prepare.
  5. Your visa application package will be prepared and lodged.
  6. Once your visa is granted, I will explain the meanings of your visa and any attached visa conditions to you.


Q2: How much do you charge?

Because I have kept the business expenses very low, so I can offer you a very competitive price. My business is currently not registered for GST. So my clients don’t pay the tax as well. I will charge you at or below the average market price.

Q3: I want to save money but I still want to get some professional advice, is there any alternative service?

Yes, the “service statement” may help you. You can simply send us your query, we will prepare  a detailed advice based on your circumstance. The service statement may include your visa options, what you should do next, what documents you need to prepare and where to lodge the application, total cost involves etc.

Q4: Can I get the refund if my visa application fails?

It depends on the wording of the contract. If the contract stipulates that “once the application fails, the payment should be fully refunded”, then, you can get all the money back.

If you pay in advance, you money will be deposited into a clients’ account. I can only withdraw the money if the agreed block of work has been completed and the relevant invoice has been given to you.

Q5: How much does it cost to live and study in Australia?

The cost of studying in Australia depends on the course you choose, and it’s duration. The cost of living in Australia varies between A$18,000 – A$20,000 per year. This would include accommodation, food, public transport, and limited entertainment.

Q6: What options of accommodation do I have?

You have 3 options, Home stay – This is where you are given an opportunity to stay with an Australian family. They offer a safe and caring environment. On-campus – Usually sharing an apartment (4 – 8 bedrooms), where you are given your own bedroom, but you share the kitchen, bathroom(s) and living areas with other students. Off-campus – This is where you stay off the campus and the options include house or unit/flat rentals or hostels. Costs vary depending on size, quality and location.

Q7: Can I get exemptions based on what I have already studied at diploma level?

Yes it is possible to get exemptions. We will need to send your course syllabus and transcripts to the institution in Australia, for the relevant academic faculty to decide on the number of exemptions that they will give you.

Q8: Do I have to sit for an English Proficiency test?

Yes, this is compulsory as it is a requirement needed for almost all of skilled migration/  work and student visas. Please check with us on which nationalities are exempt from this requirement.

Q9: Am I allowed to work as I study in Australia?

You are allowed to work up to 20 hours in a week while in session and full time during holidays.

Q10: How long the student visa process take (ie., to get my offer letter and to process my visa)?

As long as we have all necessary documentation, the whole process can take at least 12 weeks. It can takes between 2-6 weeks to get a response from the institution in Australian and 6-12 weeks to get an Australian student visa.

Q11: What about the travel arrangements?

Having negotiated with several airlines, we will be able to book discounted one way student air tickets to Australia. We will also ensure that somebody will collect you in Australia when you arrive.

Q12: Why should I use KNpact as my agent?

Having over 10 years experience in assisting students go and study in Australia, we believe that we can make the entire process easier for you. The advantage of using an agent includes faster processing of your application with the universities/colleges in Australia, but more importantly we have a 98% student visa success rate.

Q13: Can you guarantee the success of my visa application?

No, I can’t. In fact, it is illegal for a registered migration agent to guarantee the success of a visa application in the advertising. Generally, I only accept clients whose applications have a fare chance of success. For those applicants who have little or no hope of success, I will tell them honestly.