Apply for a 309 visa – Partner (Provisional)/100 visa – Partner (Migrant)

Ready to start life together Down Under? Here’s everything you need to know about the 309/100 two-part process.

These visas are heavily scrutinised by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, so there really is no room for error. You must be ready to share detailed evidence of your relationship together to prove its legitimacy.

As registered migration experts, we’ve helped people through this many times before and will ensure you’re well prepared. Helping you to collate all appropriate data and evidence, we will keep you on track.

You can apply for this visa type if:

• You are outside of Australia at the time of application.

• You are married to your partner or you can both prove that you have lived together for at least 12 months prior to your application.

• You can provide evidence of financial commitment, shared living and social recognition.

24 months after lodging your temporary 309 visa application, you can apply for the second part of your visa (100). This next application grants you permanent residency as long as you are still a legitimate couple. You will need to demonstrate this through evidence of your relationship.

We can make sure you submit your application at the right time and give you all the information you need to ensure a successful transition from one visa to the next.

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